This year we've seen a resurgence of exceptional music released, from new, independent artists to international pop stars. Some artists even found 2022 to be the year of a comeback or re-introduction for a younger audience — thank you TikTok. 

And with the revival of new music, one-off shows, residences, and most importantly, tours were announced for audiences to get a taste of their favorite tracks being played live on the big stage. Many photographers were able to capture these moments and share them far and wide.

Take a look at some of our favorite shots this year, from your favorite photographers to some fresh talent on the scene. 

Photo by Sandra Jamaleddine | @sandrajamphoto

Sandra perfectly captures a light spiraling around UMI’s body as she’s in mid-performance, taking you into an otherworldly place. 

Photo by Hannah Howells | @hhowphotos

As Declan lays on stage, singing his heart out, it reminds me of the moments you lay in bed losing yourself in the music of your favorite artists. 

Photo by Olivia Leon | @woahitso

For an artist with the stage name like Dreamer Boy, Olivia captures its essence in a single shot. The blue lighting encapsulates the nights you get lost admiring the shooting stars.

Photo by Bella Peterson | @elevamy

Bella is never shy to slide into the warm tones in their photos, yet this photo of Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley shows their versatility in blending the warm and cool tones to create a colorful whimsical edit. 

Photo by Mendy Kon | @ngogejat

This exception edit captures the Cloud 9 feeling you have listening to Rina Sawayama’s discography, encapsulating the high energy and personable aura she brings from her music to the stage. 

Photo by Emma Fischer | @emmabellefischer

Chills run down your back as you realize Emma perfectly captures the moment of Indigo de Souza belting out her lyrics — singing directly from the heart. 

Photo by Ricardo E Adame | @ricardoeadame

Ricardo never fails to frame artists with such breathtaking intimacy. This photos captures the feeling of Yeule commanding the attention of the audience that surrounds her. 

Photo by Joseph Buscarello | @buscar_photo

Joseph captures a sense of hypnotizing vertigo during Madeon's DJ set with this wild slow-shutter effect.

Photo by Smo Ostrowski | @smoostrowski

This kaleidoscope effect reflects the groovy tunes and techno Channel Tres ushers in his discography. Smo’s photo reminds you of the long nights on the dance floor.

Photo by Valerie Loeblich | @valerieloeblitch

Val’s style is known for making the viewer feel present at the concert and this photo of Omar Apollo is living proof. The composition brings the viewer attention directly to Apollo, perfectly captured in a crowd of adoring fans. 

Photo by Keira Lindgren | @keira.el

As Keira frames CHAI reaching out into the sky, you gain curious of the journey the band wants to take you during their set. 

Photo by Jenna Murray | @jennamurray

As Nikolai Fraiture of The Strokes is mid-way stroking his guitar, Jenna’s photo catches Fraiture’s silhouette perfectly illuminated by the stage lights in the background. The moments makes you a bit envious you were in front of the pit.